Road Construction

On-time. Responsive. Reliable. 



Building the Groundwork

At EvCo, we have the expertise to manage your next road construction project. 

We ensure that road construction is done right and efficient. From mapping out the initial project details, creating agendas, to executing deliverables on-time, our expertise provides quality work in a timely manner. 


We create agendas to ensure deliverables and deadlines are clearly defined and expectations are met.


Receive responsive communication and updates on progress to increase efficiency and decrease stress. 


We have no recordables and prioritize safety for our team members to mitigate risk. 


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We work with you to develop and provide a range of road construction services that fit your needs. 

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Our Services

Anything you need, we got you covered. Check out a few of the services we provide!


Highway Expansions

Our fully licensed and insured crew will keep traffic moving while expanding highways. 


Road Widening

While we're widening roads, we work with the city to ensure the community can navigate properly in the midst of a construction zone. 


Median Adjustments

Need a median removed? Our team can handle it. Connect with us today!


Turning Lanes

Anything to do with roads, EvCo is capable of effectively completing the project. This includes adding and removing turning lanes as needed! 



Construction is more than what you see at eye level, and at EvCo, we handle all the drainage beneath the surface. No matter that you need to shift, add, or remove, our team will make sure the proper drainage is set up. 


Painting Stripes

Need new lines drawn? No problem! We paint orange and white stripes wherever you need. 


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